Press release from COP24/ The United Nations/ 13/12/18/ Harwood Education

It’s a pleasure to post a press release from COP24/ The United Nations dated 13/12/18 relating to Harwood Education‘s collaboration with the UN CC:Learn-accredited Climate Change Education Programme:


Harwood Education delivers innovative and outstanding education resources, programmes and training and learning schemes to the education sector as well as directly to the home learning sector.

The platform has been created by Melanie Harwood: education specialist and creator of the Start-Bee Handwriting Scheme; Denise Meissner: occupational therapist, autism specialist and creator of the CrossLinks Programme and Jonathan Harwood: multi-national cameraman and educational filmmaker.

Harwood Education represents educational creatives and disruptors servicing the education and home schooling sectors for both the UK and International markets.The platform supports manufacturers and equipment distributors while offering materials such as books, videos, consumables, furniture, technology, ICT hardware and EdTech to the education market.

Harwood Education”s unparalleled resources, programmes and training and schemes:

The platform focuses on promoting its joint venture partners, licensees, programmes, training, resources and schemes to the education industry, schools and directly to parents and learners.

We are committed to finding strong channels to market. Harwood Education curates, develops, co-develops/co-creates, sources and monetises the very best resources, programmes, training and schemes that deliver proof of raised attainment.

Founders Melanie Harwood and Jonathan Harwood created, founded and launched the Start-Bee Handwriting Scheme for Schools in 2005 that is now exclusively licensed to YPO in the UK. They plan to launch the Start-Bee Platform for Schools globally during 2019. The noted participating founders created the GiveForward Sponsorship Platform for Schools during 2018, The latter is a Not For Profit Organisation committed to raising sponsorship of curated bulk school packages for all participating schools throughout the UK. They plan to scale the GiveForward Platform to schools internationally once established.

Harwood Education follows stringent joint venture and licensing processes, assuring high quality standards related to both product and customer services.

Eiry Rees Thomas. author and creative content creator and The Flitlits look forward to contributing to the platform, that aims to make a difference in terms of the challenges associated with climate change globally.

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Sul y Cofio/ Pabïau

Sul y Cofio


Creodd natur flodyn

 phetalau perffaith, coch.

Sut allai rhywbeth mor brydferth

Ein hatgoffa am fywydau coll?


Wedi i’r drylliau dawelu

Ynghanol y mwd a’r glaw,

Syrthio gwna’r blodau o’r Nefoedd

Ar y rhai na ddant nôl o’r baw.


Cofiwch pan ddaw pob Tachwedd

A Sul y Cofio a ddaw

Am y rhai sydd yn gorffwys dan babau

A’r pris wnaethant dalu’n y glaw.


Eiry Rees Thomas 2018