The Plots and Landmarks of the Land of Seldom See

The Plots and Landmarks of the Land of Seldom See

Introducing a bespoke, award-winning Reading Scheme designed for Reading Age: 8+/Interest Age: 7-11.

The scheme follows many years of research, development, and pilot work in and out of the school setting.

The cross-curricular content offers a systematic, fun, and creative approach to language learning within a literacy-rich curriculum. 

The scheme was created in collaboration with experienced educators, parents, caregivers, librarians, and the target audience: the children.

A comprehensive GUIDE for EDUCATORS that supports the Flitlit package facilitates mainstream and homeschooling; and blended learning.

The Flitlit books offer tiered instruction by means of supported and confident reading provision, with the additional benefit of page by page, matching illustrations. 

The supported reading editions add further value for schools and homeschooling through the provision of comprehensive/ dedicated stand alone GLOSSARIES set out page by page for the series.   

Introducing the Flitlits to Young Readers

 At your place, or any space where flowers grow or rivers flow spring up!

Spot folk at plots that time forgot within a shaded shelter.

A map at hand lays out the land. It is a hidden corner

Funny fables come your way that share the far folk’s daring days.

They may be tricky, good, or better.

The folk flit and swish.

They float when they wish.

 Follow them soon.


 Meet the Flitlit Characters/ Images

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The hidden land of Seldom See is laid in plots  by the name of Fussbut.

Fuss, but discover the land through the power of your imagination.

The illustrations depict the artwork of the late award-winning illustrator, James Field.

The detailed artwork demonstrates the illustrator’s contribution to picture book provision that bridges a divide between picture books and early chapter novels. 

The content satisfies the needs of an intermediate group of learners through visual learning support and provision for juxtaposition exercises.

The cross-curricular Flitlit Reading Scheme is committed to the advancement of literacy skills and to assisting students in becoming more creative and capable of developing innovative solutions to problems.

Enhanced skills and attributes help students to succeed in a wide range of tasks and responsibilities and to contribute to the society in which they live.

The illustrations depicted within this title are accompanied by appropriate sections of text from the Flitlit introductory and adventure books⎜Confident Reading versions.

Further details are set out in a comprehensive Flitlit Guide Book for Educators

Reading Age 8-11; Interest Interest Age: 7-11


Four stars govern the ethos of the Flitlit concept. 

They influence the musicality of the characters and language; action, vibrancy, and fun.

The stars beam tricks through the Shadows of Pitch.   

They flick by land or under sea to join the fun at Seldom See.         

Chuckle with the Flitlits.


 Star Sol-Fa tunes the far-off land. It stirs up music, chants, and bands.                  

 Add whistling, birdsong, melodies, ringing bells, and harmonies.


Star Shift takes charge of energy, floating Flitlits, and rustling trees.

Add power, turmoil, turning tides, and crops that grow from earth to sky.


Star Aglow sparks up dark corners. It shines on rainbows, gems, and flowers.

Beauty of all kinds shine through, sparkling up the sea and dew.


Star Glee takes charge of ballyhoo, Flitlit tricks, and a fun house, too.

Add muddles at the palace of Kingy Bling and Dame LaConk’s snout on a spring.


The hidden land of Seldom See has a queen and king.

Royal Flitlit Queeny Squash rules the land along with Kingy Bling.

Potty Palace is their home. It sits inside the Royal zone.

The Royal zone, based at Plum Plot shelters such a comic lot.


The Flitlits love their Muddle Maze.

It sits beneath pink, tinkling haze.

It has a keeper, Hoody Wink.

The folk of Fussbut tend to think that Hoody sneaks around and slinks as he plots out secret links.


The Flitlits cheer Doctor It, who grew up as Witty Bit.

He is a Dot Plot scientist, whose deep home is the Puzzling Pit.  

Once, Doctor lived life overground at Fussbut’s Hard Drive.     

This surrounds the roundest plot at Seldom See that takes care of things I.T.


Fussbut’s Flitlits flit and float.

They glide along like drifting boats.

They flock to float above the trees and the plots named Fussbut at Seldom See.  

Jester’s home stands at Prank Plot.

His Fun House settled at the spot.

Prank Plot sits beneath Dot Plot, that has no corners and should not.            


 Posy Pose, the mayor’s daughter likes to play with Jake MacJake.

 They potter at the Mayor’s Mansion and offer tips about high fashion.

 Posy owns fun, curious bags and has a friend named Ziggy Zag.

 Ziggy is a snaky creature with a few surprising features.

 Her all-eyes bag looks all around: up and down toward  the ground.


Jake MacJake of Swank Plot met a snake a while ago but felt too stunned to say hello.

Jake loves his clocks. They have two hands.

He found that although snakes look grand, they have no hands! 

How could that be?  “Dear me!” Jake jabbered, “Dear me!.”  


Family Bang-Boom’s farm sits on Bloom Plot, where flowers grow and horses trot.

Animals there are well looked after by the Bang-Booms and their daughter.

A stream named Plot-a-Lot runs by with its scrambling, babbling cry.


The Shock Rocks at Seldom See observe happenings overland and toward the distant Seesaw See.

Scuba Salt’s home stands at Hot Plot, close to Shock Rocks and many dinghies, boats, and yachts.

His folk, like all Salt folk before, have always felt drawn to the shore. . . .

When Scuba Salt sits on Shock Rocks, he feels them them rumble, shake, and knock.

He speech-reads when he is with friends.

There are spells when he will spend time at Shock Rocks, close to home, looking over Hot Plot Zone.


When bother is near or comes about, some noisy Flitlits fuss and shout. 

Others gather at Share Square as flares and fanfares shake the air.

Mayor Pose will always hurry, while Kingy Bling feels in a flurry.

One day a Royal parrot vanished.

He might have flown while he felt famished.

the Flitlits met up at Share Square with no time at all to spare.

Coo Cassoo rang out her horn and soon heard chatter among thorns.


The winged ship, Super Sonic, has great wings to fly.                

It has an umbrella on its flag, fixed to a mast, up high.   

The ship flies through the No-Zone Space, that is a dark and gloomy place.


A weather feather flows and sways at chalky Blot Plot every day. 

It warns the Soak Folk of wet weather on a plinth among wild heather.

Young Soak Folk member Ozzie Mo checks the feather as if flows.

Ozzie Mo lives at Blot Plot, that soaks up moisture on the spot.  

His Soak Folk family swell up quickly if they fail to shelter swiftly.


A family at the land of Seldom See are based at long Pull Plot. 

The busy corner of the distant land is a dynamic spot.

The plot is home to family Zoom, who widen, shorten, pinch, and loom.

Young Otto Zoom puffs out his chest and spreads his grin from right to left.

He likes to win games and long words, for example: ‘harpsichord’.


The plots of Fussbut have a woody slot that the Flitlits named Pine Plot.

Star Sol-Fa beams upon the knots that shape the great trees at Pine Plot.

Coo Cassoo rings out a horn that she’s owned since  she was born.     

Songbirds join in with the chorus of a choir of creature croakers.       

Coo Cassoo and her mother share the plot with birds that hover.

Many trill while others drill with their sharpened beaks and bills.

Coo Cassoo loves her new glasses that help her make out shapes and flashes.

Though she finds it hard to see, Coo knows the sounds of birds and bees.

She hears bees humming with great ease and the murmurs of the breeze.      


The magical dish is rare and old. 

It travels so far when the strong winds are bold.

If you find it, and if you please, fish for a wish as you turn its keys.


Dot Plot has a Puzzling Pit.                         

It has a strange-ship tracker. 

This picks up distant messages.  

They come through with a clatter.

Doctor It follows strange ships on the strange-ship tracker.  

His assistant, Bug DeBug, speeds ahead with a bug’s code cracker.

Clever DeBug cracks a code and Doctor It makes contact:   

 “You’re far away. So far, so good  We’re following your ship’s track.” 


Posy Pose owns curious bags and has a friend named Ziggy Zag.  

Posy’s bags are made to order. They are strange but full of wonder.     

Her all-eyes bag looks all around: up, an down toward the ground.  

Her bag’s eyes glow and shine with pride.      

Snake Ziggy Zag beams by her side.


Air Stairs reach from low to high.

As Flitlits flit or float close by, they note that facing up or the other way round, the stairs must reach from cloud to ground.


Dame LaConk has a snout on a spring.

It bobs here and there and, at times, it will sing.

The strange snout checks out troubles and danger as it coils around Fussbut, farther and farther.


The Flitlits float toward shake-a-Leg Green to share their sports. 

Young friends are keen to chalk out marks and lay out pegs at a green named Shake-a-Leg. 

Shake-a-Leg Green features floating glowball games,

Floating glowball is a game with a splendid Hall of Fame.

Glowball nets escape the ball as Flitlits look on from a stall.


The Flitlits float to Wonder Plot to put on shows, each with a slot.

They share shows, acts, and great events at a tent that’s pretty-bent.

Snail Rail takes and carries back Flitlit trekkers and their packs.

The trekkers roam at Wonder Plot, that has so many wondrous spots.

Its soaring and descending spaces are astonishing in places.


 “Ponder Plot helps us to think,” claim the Flitlits.  

“It is a link that gives the folk of Fussbut choices  when we ponder without voices.”

From Ponder Plot, some Flitlits chase to visit Share-a-Secret Lake. 

Others move toward the shore, where gentle dolphins swim and soar.

At Mistake Break, the Flitlits wonder if crafty tricks are always clever. 

This helps them to feel so much better.   

Mistakes can be good at times.                         

Others may not be as kind.


Eiry Rees Thomas grew up in Wales/U.K. among a creative family embracing a poet, calligrapher/sculptor, illustrators, and a cartoonist.

The coal-mining community where she spent her formative years was mostly Welsh-speaking, with the English language being introduced to the school curriculum at the age seven level. 

The musicality of the Welsh language is apparent in the  author’s unique lyrical voice, described in Welsh as ‘telynegol’  or harp-like, true to her Celtic roots.

Her love of writing bilingually from an early age was given expression following a serious accident. This ended her career  as a public health practitioner, peripatetic teacher, and medical translator. 

Her experiences in the field of child development and the privilege of having worked with children and families with additional needs contribute to her work as an author and curriculum content creator.